Ruslan Pelykh BIO
In 2011, Ruslan Pelykh began his career in Russia without formal education in cinematography. In 2014 he relocated to New York City where he continued working as a Director/DP, expanding his skillset to include editing and animation. Ruslan's works and style have gained recognition within the video industry due to his unique style of shooting on Leica cameras without any additional equipment. His work has been covered by Leica, SHOWstudio, FashionWeek, Highsnobiety, and Hypebeast. In his free time, Ruslan loves to take photos of NYC. "I try to capture images and video at a high aesthetic level, and with a full range of dynamics and emotions,” he said. “Sometimes my work is very sexy; sometimes it’s dark, aggressive, girly or cinematic. But whatever form it takes, I think video should always be very beautiful!"