Richard Cooperman BIO
Toronto-born editor Richard Cooperman’s high-gloss fashion and beauty work has graced everything from couture to luxury automobile campaigns. From his earliest days editing music videos, Cooperman’s work has followed a path of visual storytelling that includes fashion and beauty work for some of the top labels and designers in the industry, including Thierry Mugler, directed by Floria Sigismondi, and Hugo Boss, directed by Jonas Åkerlund. He’s also been at the forefront of automotive advertising, which has adopted the lush imagery and haughty vignettes of top fashion directors and stylists to automobiles as the ultimate in luxury accessorizing. In addition to Åkerlund and Sigismondi, Cooperman has also worked with such noted fashion and music video directors as Wilfred Brimo, Sophie Muller, and Melina Matsoukas.  “For me, it’s fun and challenging to combine the demands and influences of these two worlds,” he says about his automotive work, noting that the influence of fashion advertising and imagery is being felt in many areas of ad content. “Sometimes you find something that you’re good at, and when you do, it never feels like work.”