Orash Rahnema BIO
Orash Rahnema is a Colorist on and off set with a strong post-production background. Growing up in the VFX industry, mainly as a lighter and compositer he gained a strong visual vocabulary on how to work with images from pre-production to final product. It was the foundation for the Colorist he is today. Orash loves collaborating on set with the cinematographer developing the look to maintain his/her vision from the initial concept to his final color grading in post. Orash has worked with some of the most talented directors: Marco Prestini, Ali Ali, Francesco Calabrese, Marco Gentile, Elena Petitti, Leone, Edoardo Lugari, Valentina Be, Mattia Benetti, Andrea Micheloni and Tommi Berte. Clients: BMW, Adidas, Alfa Romeo, Tesla, Diesel, Reebok, Valentino, D&G Hugo Boss, Jeep, Maserati, McDonald's Lavazza, Nowness, Virgin, Visa, and Vogue to name a few.