Diane Russo BIO
Diane Russo (she/her) is an award - winning director and photographer. Originally from New Jersey, Diane takes inspiration from her roots - combining the foundation of her loud Italian American upbringing, her queer identity, and commitment to visual beauty. Diane began her career as a photo assistant in the fashion industry. When social media pivoted to video she took an interest in pitching content in fashion with a storytelling perspective and she created, Our Time, for Document Journal Magazine: a commentary on our political climate that connects the political unrest of the past to the present. Our Time went on to gain several fashion film awards and nominations. From there, the storytelling quality and style of her films caught the attention of commercial brands, and she has woven her identity into work with Nike, Under Armour, and Glossier. Her work has been shortlisted by Berlin Commercial, and celebrated by SHOOTS New Directors Showcase, among others. Diane was a finalist for The 2020 Tribeca Chanel Women’s Filmmaker Program. In her personal work Diane is committed to making socially conscious driven projects that amplify narratives around self identified women and her LGBTQ+ family. Her second directorial debut, Wally Wenda is a comedic adventure set at sea that challenges the stigma of shame infused in the marketing of period products. Wally Wenda recently had its premiere at Palm Springs Shortfest 2020 and is currently doing the festival circuit.