Arthur Valverde BIO
Arthur Valverde is an awarded beauty film director. Working mainly between New York, Paris and Los Angeles. He has helmed campaigns for brands all across the world. His list of awards includes Gold winner Awards at TellyAward for his last TVC us campaign, Best cinematography at La Jolla Fashion Film Festival in LA, Jury Price at Kinoma Paris, nominations for Berlin fashion Film festival 2018, Bokeh fashion film festival 2018, Los Angeles Film Festival 2017, The Miami Fashion Film Festival in 2013 and publication on magazines such as Vice, Fubiz, Kaltblut, Beautiful savage, ADN Directors notes, le bonbon, Vimeo doc categories and many others.. Arthur is a real perfectionist, through his way of shooting, his skilled artistic direction combines classical and contemporary cinematic style. He pays attention to every detail and has developed a true sensitivity for beauty. On the set, he directs models and actresses with passion and knows how to make them feel confident to capture their essential beauty. Artist from all sides, Arthur masters different shooting techniques: live action, slow motion, table top, SFX. Collaborating with the agency, he is always fully involved in the project refining all aspects with meticulous attention to sublimate the brand.