WildVoices: Sherine Tadros
Wildchild Content
Tom Donahue

“Across the world civil society space is shrinking and democratic actors and human rights defenders face daunting attacks” according to Sherine Tadros, featured in our third episode of WildVoices. Sherine Tadro, Representative and Head of New York (UN) Office, Amnesty International is an award-winning former Middle East correspondent for Sky News and Al Jazeera English. She was honored with a Peabody Award in 2011 for her reporting on the Arab uprisings in Egypt. And her report on the takeover by Iraqi forces in Tikrit earned her a War Correspondent of the Year nomination at the 2015 Bayeux-Calvados Awards. Sherine’s main aim in life has always been to help the ones in need, to act as a voice for the voiceless. “I’m struck by the incredible crackdown that we are seeing, not just on journalists, but anyone that challenges the narrative of the state, and whether that is human rights advocates or lawyers, or journalists, we are all somewhat in the same boat.” See her incredible story here as she unleashes her wild voice.