SNL: at home
Jeremiah Shuff
Wildchild editor Jeremiah Shuff edits new skit “What’s up with that” featuring Charles Barkley, DJ Khaled and Lindsey Buckingham! during SNL At Home.

For the typical episode, the Film Unit creates three pre-taped film pieces. Those might be commercial parodies, music videos, trailers, short films, etc. Once quarantine happened, the whole recipe of the show had to change; everything had to be filmed, so everything had to be edited. The writers, directors and producers put a tremendous amount of faith and responsibility in the post team, and the team took that to heart. There were many sleepless nights, and many technical obstacles to overcome.
SNL assembled one of the most creative, fast, scrappy, cool-under-pressure teams ever known. Seasoned colleagues and talented newcomers all rose to the occasion, and made these episodes so very special! Season 45... was full of surprises, some terrible, and some wildly exciting. SNL was glad they could do their part to provide some comic relief.