GUT Bueno Aires
Alejo Hoijman

The first-ever global marketing campaign for the Coca-Cola Company’s Sprite, titled “Let’s Be Clear,” has been launched. Created in partnership with agency GUT Buenos Aires, the campaign includes this spot, “They Need Guidance,” which centers on the dialogue GenZ sometimes needs to have with parents, transparently, about modern-day cultural topics. Examples include how gaming has become a legitimate source of income for skilled players and the rise of street art as a highly respected artform. The spot also explores social and environmental topics such as water conservation and diversity and inclusion.

It’s a reversal of a parent talking to their kids about the birds and the bees. Today, teens can find themselves “lecturing” and educating their parents about assorted facts of life, which dovetails nicely with Sprite’s “Let’s Be Clear” mantra.

Perez Veiga directed “They Need Guidance” via production house Primo with edit by Alejo Hoijman