Richard Cooperman

Short film “Reflections” from British photographer/director Sharif Hamza, edited by Richard Cooperman, places the issue of racial identity front and center, with a cast of striking variety dressed in the season’s kickiest streetwear by Tara St. Hill for a new feature in 10 Men Magazine. “I grew up in London and in the early Nineties became obsessed with all the great fashion magazines. I loved all the monthly mags and dreamed of shooting for them yet I never felt that I was represented by them,” Hamza explains. “The film is titled “Self Portrait” because it’s a reflection of who I am and it’s my way of reflecting the faces that look like mine and my sister’s,” he says. “Tara and I casted people of various mixed ethnic backgrounds. They have a mix or Middle Eastern or Asian heritage but, like me, their British upbringing has played a huge part in shaping their culture.”