FOLX - Taking Up Space
Grace McIntee

Excited to welcome editor Grace McIntee to the team! A Los Angeles based editor, working worldwide on commercials and content for globally relevant artists and brands. Starting young with a DIY ethos, some of her clients include: Samsung, Dropbox, Intel, Colgate, SKII, Rimmel, Ralph Lauren, and Modelo. She references her passion for street and youth culture, music, fashion, and design to add depth and texture to projects. Grace’s ability to tell stories whilst understanding a brand and director’s aesthetic makes for work that feels authentic, poignant, and human.

A film emphasizing the need for queer and trans people to take up the space they have been denied for so long, commissioned by FOLX Health.
Director: TRAGIK & OCEAN

Editor: Grace McIntee
#editor #femaleartist #folxhealth#trans #lgbt