Midol - Comfort is Power
Music-Sound Design
In Smiders’ new work for MullenLowe, “Comfort is Power” directed by Marco Gentile, resilience isn’t about skateboarding, dancing, having a great time with friends or any other “periods are nothing” activity, it’s about looking after yourself, taking time out if you need to, and knowing that it’s wrong to force women to accept unrealistic strength goals and trivialise monthly pain. The campaign makes Midol a comfort, rather than a pain, product.We live in a society that has sadly normalised discomfort. A society that tells us pushing through pain makes us more powerful. One that suggests we don’t speak about the discomfort that menstruation brings every single month. Our aim with this new Midol work was to simply be truthful and for the work to be a reflection of all ethnicities, body types and gender expressions,” stated Rebekah Pagis, managing director at MullenLowe NY.