Milena Z. Petrovic

Editor Milena Petrovic joins Director Jovan Todorovic’s on his latest project. A quarantine-inspired music video for Japanese indie sensation Vaundy. Shot in Fukuoka, the video features a group of young people slowly venturing out into the empty city and, upon discovering each other, joining together in a celebratory dance that’s a joyful allegory to the (hopefully) ending of the pandemic and humanity slowly opening up again.
Featuring dancer and choreographer Yurina Goto and her team of dancers, 不可幸⼒ (Fukakouryoku) by Vaundy tells of a messy and dirty world; of a humanity consisting of scared, lonely, fragile and sensitive humans. One in which our insecurities and peculiarities are something that we all share. The song invites us to celebrate, love, and hold hands.

Artist Vaundy
Song 不可幸力 (Fukakouryoku)
Starring Yurinasia
Director Jovan Todorovic
Director Of Photography Kateb Habib
Illustration & Animation Mihailo Prostran / Marija Knezevic
Editor Milena Z. Petrovic
Colorist Mikey Rossiter
Choreography Yurinasia
Visual Effects Slavko Gavric
Styling Kerli Teo